CrucialHost was established in 2001 by a team of professional programmers with one goal in mind, to provide the most secure Web Hosting environment with the best of breed service, support and stability in the Hosting market. Having had sites disappear, having had pages rendered inaccessible due to poor networking and overloaded servers, having had prices increased without consent, having had inaccurate bandwidth monitoring shut down sites without consultation, they set up a company who's main focus on business was to address all these concerns...

Run by programmers for programmers, CrucialHosts' Executive team understand the needs of the host user - To offer inexpensive, professional and user friendly service without sacrificing the need for excellent support.

Support at CrucialHost isn't just extensive, it's excessive! Our self-help support tools such as our Online Control Panel Manual and FAQ Database (which is updated almost everyday!) ensure your hosting experience here is given a kick start. We also provide direct technical support assistance and intervention via Trouble Ticket system and our team is always available live by chat or phone and finally by email. And if that isn't enough we also provide a discussion forum so that members can interact and help each other and access support who monitor the boards continuously.

Heard about 99% uptime? You must be joking! We would never deprive you and your visitors access to our network or your site for 88 hours a year (7.3 hours a month). As our servers are housed in one of the best facilities in the world, we can guarantee 99.999% uptime. That's downtime measured in seconds!

With our 2 iron clad guarantees you can be assured that sudden changes in your service are nonexistent. You can try out our service for 30 days and if you aren't impressed at what you've found here, we'll give you a full refund. Also all our prices are locked in for the duration of your stay with us. That's right, regardless of inflation your plan price is guaranteed for life.
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